location1_bigTrikala is the main village of Killini, built on the ruins of the ancient Miseo and today consists of Kato (Down), Mesaia (Middle) and Ano (Up) Trikala. It played an important role in the Greek Revolution of 1821. In Kato Trikala, the church of St. Dimitrios, built in 1697, with its impressive impressionistic murals of the 18th century, is of special interest.

In Mesaia Trikala, we come across the Monastery of the Assumption, dating back to the 19th century, with a stone-built catholic. Finally, in Ano Trikala is the church of St Nicolas, dating from the 19th century; it is the metropolis of the village, with beautiful murals and portable icons.

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location2_bigLeaving ano Trikala behind, after 800m the road leads to the historical monastery of St Vlasios, built around 1400, with its yard full of flowers and trees and a truly magic view for the visitor. Leaving the villages and the districts behind, continuing on the uphill paved road, we reach the great plateau of Killini or Ziria, at the heart of the second highest mountain of Peloponnisos.



location3_bigOn the left of the route is the great shelter of the mountain. The area is ideal for lovers of hiking, while the slopes stretching from the little shelter to the top of the mountain are ideal for skiing. Finally, there are many forest roads, with wonderful routes through the firry woods.